The Future of College Sports Initiative is a student-run series of Zoom conversations with impactful voices in college sports. As the NCAA currently faces an unprecedented era of change, the Initiative is designed to highlight a wide range of perspectives of the business of college sports, including college athletes, coaches, institutions, NCAA executives, policymakers, attorneys, business leaders, and fans. In doing so, the Initiative hopes to educate its audience on the manifold reform proposals, potential effects on various stakeholders, and the overall impact to the game(s) that we all love.


As an organization founded and operated exclusively by students, the Future of College Sports invites any passionate student – from any school and educational background – to join the team and contribute to the initiative. To express your interest and learn more about how to get involved, please email futureofcollegesports@gmail.com


Senators Cory Booker and Chris Murphy

DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA

Tom McMillen, Lead1

Ramogi Huma, NCPA